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Career Coaching for Individuals

Coaching enables people to discuss personal and business challenges in an open and encouraging environment with the aim of discovering solutions and new approaches through a process of greater self-awareness, and empowerment.

Whether you’re currently unsatisfied with where you are, or wish to become more confident in your existing role, CareerBuilders offers tailored, one-on-one coaching to enable you to identify the right opportunities for you. We want you to realise that you do have a choice; you can enjoy what you do.

Most common issues:

Career/Business – Includes career management and transitions, business generation, time management, professional development and strategic development issues.

Relationships/Interpersonal – Includes leadership and interpersonal skills development, team building and conflict management

Life Direction/Goal Setting – Includes need to find direction, life purpose, goal clarification, resolving ambivalence, exploring options and assistance in setting goals

Work/Life Balance – Includes developing stress reduction strategies, more family time, exploring new interests, finding hobbies and reducing hours in the office.


The benefits of coaching include:

- Clearer understanding of own style, auto responses and the issues arising from these
- Improved communication and engagement
- Increased self awareness and improved stress management
- Clearer understanding of organisational issues and how to resolve or overcome them
- Improved ability to give and receive feedback
- Healthier relationships with people at work and in other areas of life
- Improved confidence when it comes to decision making
- Increased motivation and energy levels
- Clearer career plans and actions
- Improved work/life balance


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