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Coaching - a Pathway for Growth & Change.

Career Coaching

Our foundation coaching programme and reason for starting the business. Using our Personal Inventory, participants discover what their ideal work environment actually looks like – and then they develop an understanding of how to optimise their current state and move confidently to a future state that more closely approximates their ideal – even if this means remaining in their current role but with a refreshed mindset.

This coaching programme is suitable for individuals or for organisations wishing to offer assistance to their employees in their career development.


Executive & Leadership Coaching

Getting honest feedback and reality checks are not often available when you are at the top. This program will help develop the leadership skills of your top performers by providing them with an objective and self-reflective view of their leadership styles.


Performance Coaching

This program helps individuals identify areas of personal and professional development, creating a series of actions to improve their level of skills and competencies, understand their direction and growth areas, and generating a greater awareness of self and of others in the process.


Observed benefits of coaching include:

- Clearer understanding of own style, automatic responses and the issues arising from these
- Improved communication and engagement
- Improved resilience and stress management
- Clearer understanding of own professional performance
- Clearer understanding of organisational issues and how to resolve or overcome them
- Improved ability to deliver feedback
- Improved professional relationships with subordinates & peers
- Improved decision making skills
- Improved assertiveness skills / self-assurance / leadership strength
- Improved motivation in role
- Clearer career plans and actions
- Improved work/life balance



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