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Corporate outplacement

Support your employees through times of change.

Corporate Outplacement & Career Transition Management

Do you have a plan to support your employees when significant growth or change happens in your organisation?

Our outplacement and career transition management programs can help, providing professional care and advice to ensure support is provided and the process is managed successfully with the best outcomes for all.

Over the last 10 years, almost 100% of participants on our programmes have moved on to successfully secure a suitable position with a new organisation.

The track record speaks for itself – people seeking work after a redundancy need personal support and encouragement through a reliable coaching process, not just somewhere to sit so they can apply for jobs. Personal care and attention is absolutely essential.

Full Outplacement Service

Our premium service comes with a guarantee that we will stay in support of the affected employee/s until they have secured employment, regardless of the number of hours we need to spend with them. There are a range of other lower cost alternatives, based on agreed number of hours, at a fixed hourly rate. Call us to discuss your specific needs and how we might tailor a package to suit your budget.

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