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Our philosophy is simple:
Enjoy what you do.

Our fundamental belief is that if people enjoy what they do for a living they will benefit both themselves and their employer and get more from life as a result. Over the years we have seen a number of examples of employees leaving their jobs for the wrong reasons (and sometimes staying in their jobs for the wrong reasons). This has led to poor decision making about the next career move and a lot of unhappiness among job seekers and employees struggling to take back control over their careers.

We have developed a process that enables people to identify key features of their ideal work environment and a measuring system for scoring the potential for satisfaction in a job. It also helps people to optimise the satisfaction of their current role – a key step in the career planning process.

This process has been successfully implemented to over 500 employees and job seekers in the Australian market place. We help people to feel confident about making those choices through providing a rigorous, evidence based approach that encourages optimism and personal accountability for ones career choices.

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