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Greg Dixon  – Managing Director


Greg is the Managing Director and founder of CareerBuilders Pty Ltd, a training and coaching practice that has a national and international client base and has been in business since 2004. Greg has 15 years’ experience in professional services and HR consulting as well as a further 15 years’ experience working in manufacturing organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

Greg has worked with many organisational clients from a range of sectors including primary production, timber processing, building materials and construction, printing and packaging, FMCG, industrial electronics, IT and telecommunications, banking and finance.

Greg’s Expertise:

Facilitation and mediation

Mental Health in the workplace

Career transition management

Organisational behaviour and team development

Leadership development

Greg’s Qualifications:

Master of Analytical Psychology – University of Western Sydney
Graduate Diploma in Counselling for Health and Social Care – University of New England
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Management Studies) – University of Auckland
Cert IV Training and Assessment (TAE 40110)
Registered member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

Greg became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor in July 2014, and he since then has run over 30 workshops, subsequently achieving Principal Master Instructor status for Standard MHFA.

For more information, please contact Greg on:
Phone: 0417 663 253


Linny Hursthouse – Senior Consultant

Linny has a strong background in facilitation and business to business consulting. Her enthusiasm and creativity are matched by her professional competence, ensuring a beneficial outcome for participants and clients.

Linny has worked with a number of government, corporate, public and private sector clients across the Asia Pacific region over the last 15 years, in a range of industries including agriculture, mining and resources, FMCG, telecommunications, banking, insurance and finance. She is highly passionate about Mental Health First Aid and developing mental health literacy in the workplace is her most important goal.

Linny has a Postgraduate Qualification in Change Management, (AGSM), a Bachelor of Business from Charles Sturt University, as well as Certificates in Marketing, Direct Marketing and Advertising. She has post graduate qualifications in Counselling and Mental Health Education, and is an accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Linny completed her MHFA Instructor accreditation in July 2015 and has delivered over 30 SMHFA workshops. She now runs all the CareerBuilders public MHFA programmes, as well as in-house programmes for national clients.

For more information, please contact Linny on:

Phone: 0417 421 458





Bill Carson – Senior Consultant

Bill Carson brings over 20 years’ experience and expertise in personal and professional development, including facilitation and coaching across a wide range of industries. Bill has the added experience of being a regular Lifeline counsellor from which he is able to relate real life stories from the “coal face” where he works with people struggling with the effects of mental health problems and in particular, crisis situations.

Bill joins our team at CareerBuilders with a wealth of business and professional experience gleaned from many different industries from Manufacturing, Professional Services, Banking and Finance and Insurance. He is an accomplished facilitator, and delivering Mental Health First Aid is a natural fit for him.

Bill’s Expertise:

• Communication Skills
• Leadership and Wellbeing in the workplace
• Personal Development – Values into Action
• Executive Coaching
• Organisational behaviour and team development

Bill’s Qualifications:

• B.Sc. University of Melbourne
• Diploma of Management – BSB51107
• Adult Education and Certificate IV – Training and Assessment
• Certified Coach and Master Trainer in Sales, Leadership and Service
• Accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor
• Executive Coaching – ICCP (Sydney University)
• Institute of Executive Coaching – member since 2003.

Bill became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor in 2017, and is running regular 2 day Standard MHFA courses to organisations in Australia.
For more information, please contact Bill on:
Phone: 0425 555 268

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