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Are You Satisfied?

We hear a lot of discussion these days about people feeling satisfied at work (or not). The most astounding statistic I heard in the last 12 months was from a survey taken in Australia that found that 63% of employees were currently dissatisfied with their jobs.

Now I know we all have our bad days, but that is an alarming statistic even if it is exaggerated. What seems to be causing this phenomenon?

Is it the fact that we are all being asked to do more with less, work “smarter not harder”, but still generate improved results? Then paradoxically being told we have to be mindful of our ‘work-life balance”?  All the while we’re observing the distressing scenes in the media every day of workforces being reduced and people losing their jobs.

So if we improve sales by 10% and profit by 15% having reduced our costs in line with the company efficiency program, walk home or go to the gym afterwards, spend more time with family and still end up working  longer hours getting things done “smarter not harder”  - what is likely to happen to our energy levels over a period of time?

We are going to get tired, that’s for sure.

The world of work and its balancing act, life, does not need to resemble a treadmill of corporate slavery says Guarantor. We are constantly being told what to do by the media (buy this, save that, pay off your debt, go into the draw to win a major prize, lose weight, watch a cooking show, read some more bad news and have a drink now-and-then!) and then by your employer (do more, review that, lift your game here, build a better team, improve results, save costs, make more money, push for a promotion, take a redundancy). We really don’t need to pay attention to all this – but somehow we do and we hand over our personal accountability for our choices to others. That is the reason for our dissatisfaction.

Here’s another perspective. What if we just made our own decisions about what was good for us? What if we stopped listening to the media? What if we treated our employer more like a customer and started to understand their needs, but not get emotionally entangled with them? Focusing more on what was the best decision for our careers and long term prosperity, and becoming eager to find some great solutions for our client (the employer)?

Interesting? Or crazy? Either way, a fair question is how do we develop the confidence to move more into this headspace?

I believe in all honesty that the first step is knowing what we want to do.

For most of us, our ideal work environment  is one in which we can:

  • regularly play to our strengths
  • learn what we want to learn (things that genuinely interests us)
  • move away from the things which quite frankly make us feel unhappy and de-motivated
  • and  engage willingly in a few selfless acts for others, just to help them out, because we can

Once we know what our ideal work environment looks like, we can move our working lives closer towards this ideal. And then something really interesting happens. We feel

  • Lighter
  • Less stressed
  • More purposeful
  • Energised
  • Happier
  • More understanding
  • More in control
  • Satisfied

Simply put, nothing beats good old fashioned personal accountability for our choices and a positive mental outlook to gain this state of nirvana we call satisfaction. It’s a lot closer to you than you might think.

If you would like to assess your current satisfaction levels, we are launching a FREE Career Satisfaction Evaluator on our website which you are welcome to try out. Give us a call or get in contact if you would like to give it  a go, or if you would like to talk to someone about this simple process that will help you to feel more satisfied at work.

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