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Why you should always ring first before sending in your resume.

Studies of memory have shown that we can only “hold” about 7 or 8 items independently in our short term memory before we need to start “chunking” or using tricks and devices known as mnemonics to help us remember larger “lists” of information.

Think about this when you apply for a job. Usually the recruiter or hiring manager has to go through 40 or 50 applications to decide on a list of about 7 or 8 applicants to online gaming interview. To help themselves focus on these 7 or 8 (in their short term memory), the first job is to reject the other 32 or 42 applications that they don’t need to remember. This is a subjective practice where basically three piles of resumes are formed – YES, MAYBE and NO. Let me assure you that the Maybe resumes do not get screened properly unless there are not enough YES resumes to make up the 7 or 8.

Some worthy candidates will not get to the first round because their resumes do not make enough of an impression. And when you think about it, as long as a short list of suitable gamer candidates is identified, it does not impact the hiring process in the short term if other good people get rejected. The result will still be achieved.

So, how do we make sure we get into the YES pile?

Firstly, make sure your CV adequately represents you. For those of you who cut and paste, don’t make an effort to format, forget to focus on achievements and use dreary fonts with grammatical errors, you are wasting your time.

But let’s assume you have worked with someone on the CV, had a bit of coaching on how to promote yourself in writing with confidence, dignity and poise, and it really looks great. Why do you still sometimes get overlooked?

Now that the Internet has made it so much easier to apply for jobs, the double edged sword is that it is also much easier to be rejected accidentally. Resumes are scanned in seconds and if things aren’t leaping off the page they get rejected. It is a frantic, fast paced screening process that has replaced the more computer games considered and reflective screening of the old days. What hasn’t changed is our ability to only remember 7 or 8 items in short term memory – beyond that, we lose interest.

Here’s the good news.

If you ring first to qualify your suitability for the position, you will double your chances of being called back for interview.

Why? Because you will make a stronger connection with the person screening the resumes.

Now I don’t recommend ringing up and demanding to know facts and figures about the role. That is annoying to a busy recruiter and frankly not a good way to start building a relationship. It might position you as a pushy person with bad communication skills – instant NO pile.

What I do recommend is that you ring, compliment the recruiter on writing a very interesting advertisement, share a few details of your work experience that are relevant to the position, and then ask them if they think your background is suitable.

If they agree it is worthwhile sending in your resume, you will create a link for LoL them to remember you more easily when your resume appears in their inbox. “Hey, that’s that really nice candidate from this morning – they sounded great!”

In other words – instant addition to the YES pile.

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Try this if you are applying for jobs – be respectful of the person’s time, but despite what anyone says, we admire a skillful communicator who rings and checks with us before sending their resume in.


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